The Takes a look at Family Comes First

By Lulaine Compere

Family Comes First is a group based out in New Jersey that has made an impression on the east coast hip hop scene with their latest release Entourage. For fans looking for good lyrics, chemistry, and great production they will not have to look far with this CD. LA-Kid and T-Rell are both solid rappers and over the great production on the mixtape they shine. T-Rell born in the Bronx and LA-Kid a New Jersey native show their chemistry on tracks is undeniable. The first two tracks on the mixtape showcase the great production with solid lyrics as the mcs go back and forth over the tracks. Although I thought Aint Really Like That should have been the intro track, both mcs show they can ride the tracks really smooth. Usually with underground artists have a problem with hooks but Family Comes First doesn’t really fall into this trap as the hooks are a diverse with some singing, or straight rapping it. Honest lyrics also are a part of the menu with the mcs as T-Rell speaks on one of the tracks about almost getting into the drug game but it felt weird to him. Entourage continues in good consistent music with Squeeze being a song that could have been released in the mid 90s.

Subway Cipher and You Know The Deal are the standout tracks on the mixtape. The former is a definite banger that will keeps the rewind button down with hard hitting lyrics surrounding an old school beat with a new age feel. The mixtape continues on with the latter tracks like Passport and Louie Bags and Hold You Down being potential singles that can rock on the radio. Hold You Down finds T-Rell doing damage to the beat himself an almost Lupe like production. The chorus is hot a great song that will distinct him from his rhyme partner.

Keep It Bouncin and Tippy Top are great tracks to bring Entourage to a close with the Love Thing ending the CD. Love Thing the only filler track on the CD uses the over used concept of hip hop being a promiscuous woman and her travels throughout the “game”. Love Thing withstanding Entourage will keep heads nodding especially if the listener is a fan of east coast hip hop, but definitely a CD that can rock all over. Family Comes First shows again that New Jersey can and is breeding talent that can compete with any city in the world.

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